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Shawl in a Ball® Yarn

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  • Sku: 828-309
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  • Sku: 828-217
  • Sku: 828-209
  • Sku: 828-214
  • Sku: 828-308
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Selected Colors

    • Shawl in a Ball® - Mystical Mirage - 309

      Gradation of Aqua, Ultramarine Blue, Ultra Violet, Orchid, Lilac, run with a white cotton slub and a strand of Magenta Lurex

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      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Half Moon - 212

      Gradation of Ultramarine, Ultraviolet, Blossom Pink, Magenta, Lavender, and Fuchsia

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Reflective Crystal - 217

      Gradation of Tangerine, Violet, Silver, Chartreuse, Lime, and Aqua

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Jade Pool - 209

      Gradation of Turquoise, Dark Green, Aqua, and Mint

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Zen Azalea - 214

      Gradation of Oragne and Yellow

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Pastel Pixie - 308

      Gradation of Aqua, Periwinkle, Orchid, Lilac, Buttercream Yellow, Sea Foam Grey and Oxford Grey run with an opalescent strand of metallic lurex.

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Unique Unicorn - 210

      Gradation of Oxford Grey, Aqua, Lilac, Ballet Shoe Pink, and Pale Yellow

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Mellow Muse - 208

      Gradation of Navy, Sage Green, Burgundy, and Violet

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Community Coral - 200

      Magenta, fuchsia, and pink ombre

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Restful Rainbow - 201

      Prismatic rainbow

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Calming Desert - 202

      Rustic rainbow

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Mindful Mauve - 203

      Purple, lavender, and grey ombre

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Healing Teal - 204

      Blue, turqoise, and teal ombre

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Soothing Blue - 205

      Blue, denim, and navy ombre

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Peaceful Earth - 206

      Earth tones

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® - Feng Shui Grey - 207

      Grey, charcoal, and white ombre

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® Metallic - Moonstone - 301

      Gradation of deep coral, taupe, teal to silver blue brushed acrylic, combined with a strand of silver blue metallic.

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® Metallic - Prism - 302

      Gradation of Copper, grass green, teal and fuchsia brushed acrylic, combined with a strand of turquoise metallic.

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® Metallic - Namaste Neutrals - 303

      Gradation of dark brown, chocolate brown, ochre, tan and cream brushed acrylic, combined with a strand of gold metallic.

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      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® Metallic - Lotus Blossom - 304

      Gradation of mauve, fuchsia, lilac, cream and teal brushed acrylic, combined with a strand of lilac metallic.

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® Metallic - Wind Chimes - 305

      Gradation of denim to pale blue brushed acrylic, combined with a strand of ice blue metallic.

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® Metallic - Graceful Green - 306

      Gradation of Forest, Olive, Taupe and cream combined with a strand of gold metallic.

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99
    • Shawl in a Ball® Metallic - Cleansing Quartz - 307

      Gradation of Chocolate brown, taupe, silver and charcoal combined with a strand of silver metallic.

      $ In Stock
      9.99 $9.99

    Meet Shawl in a Ball Yarn!

    From romantic to classic, frilly to functional, handmade shawls are all the rage in the yarn world. Shawl in a Ball is the perfect yarn created specifically for beginner shawl makers and experts alike. Beginners can create show-stopping accessories using the simplest knit or crochet stitches. The self-striping brushed acrylic, run with a 100% cotton slub, has the look and feel of silk mohair. There is a color-way for every personality: you will want to collect all eight! And the best thing is one ball makes your entire project.


    Yarn Category Most Favorite Yarns

    Knit Patterns

    Crochet Patterns

    Yarn Weight 4 Medium
    Crochet Gauge (4" x 4") 12 sc x 16 r on J-10 (6mm)
    Knit Gauge (4" x 4") 17 sts x 25 r on #8 (5mm)
    Length (yd) 481
    Length (m) 440
    Weight (oz) 5.3
    Weight (g) 150
    Fiber Acrylic, Cotton
    Fiber Detail

    Stripes: 58% Cotton, 39% Acrylic, 3% Other

    Metallic: 61% Cotton, 34% Acrylic, 5% Other

    Care Lay Flat to Dry, Machine Wash
    Care Detail Items made from this yarn may be laundered through the use of hottest available water, detergent or soap, agitation, and a machine designed for this purpose. Lay out horizontally for drying.
    Shawl in a Ball® Yarn

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    • Love Shawl in a Ball

      This yarn is fantastic!! It makes really beautiful Shawls with smooth color transitions. I've made shawls, scarves, cowls, blankets...and every time the results are amazing! The metallic colors make for stunning shawls that are show stoppers!! I'll give it more stars if I could : )

      3/8/2019 By Natasha

    • Makes a beautiful shawl

      I have made at least five shawls from this yarn. I agree that it is not a 4 weight yarn, maybe a 3 or even a 2. But, when I was knitting with Shawl in a Ball, I only used patterns made for Shawl in a Ball, so that may be helpful to those of you that are having trouble with this yarn. It makes gorgeous shawls, but that's what the name says!

      9/5/2018 By Missy

    • Shawl in a ball

      Finishing a granny square in healing teal. Felt like I was at the ocean side all the tine I crochet this yarn. Also working on mindful mauve shawl. And I have plans formore colors. At soon to be 82 I have to work fast. Looking forward to using wind chimes. This shawl is going to be a show stopper at church

      6/28/2018 By Judith

    • Ms.

      I'd give it 0 stars, if I could. It is absolutely horrible yarn, inconsistent and will not gauge out. I thought it was me, then I found websites and blogs online that explain many people have bad experiences with it. For the people who proclaim it to be a #3 yarn instead of a #4 yarn, I did the WPI on it and it came out to 19, that actually makes it a fingering weight #1 yarn, according to the industry standard of WPI for yarn weight measurement. Wish I had never seen or heard of it, now I'm stuck with 2 balls I can't give away because no one wants them.

      6/26/2018 By Lisa

    • Crazy for it!

      I love, love this yarn! I have made a shrug and matching scarf, cabled scarf, cowls, fingerless mittens. I knitted it loosely, tightly, cabled, and on the bias. I even worked it in as a lacy topper for a cowl made of heavier yarn. It is so versatile and pretty. I agreed with other users in that I like the way the colors merge gently into different colors.

      4/21/2018 By Mary

    • Easier to Use than Shawl in a Ball

      I found the new Shawl in a Cake easier to use than their alternative, Shawl in a Ball. It's more compact and therefore takes up less space when knitting or crocheting from. Please be aware that the label lists this yarn as a 4, or worsted weight. It is definitely NOT! I am using a pattern that calls for fingering, which this yarn is. I would say a 2, fingering or "light." It has a slight "haze" or fluff to it, and at times, can cause fluff lumps in spots. If you're looking for a smooth knitted effect, then this is not the yarn for you. If on the other hand, your pattern is forgiving (I'm currently crocheting a shawl with multiple types of stitches in it. It hides the imperfections nicely) then this is a yarn you should try. It's machine wash, lay flat to dry. I purchased Jade Pool and Healing Teal. The other cake colors are just as appealing! So many to choose from.

      4/19/2018 By Katherine

    • Shawl in a Ball

      I made a shawl for my sister when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought the yarn would be just the right weight to wrap around her shoulders. She loves it and says she wears it every day. She's doing great after surgery. The shawl reminds her that I love her and am praying for her. This is great yarn and I love, love, love the idea of buying 1 skein ready to go. Kat

      2/20/2018 By Kat

    • My FAVORITE!

      You have to know you have a hit when there is a whole Facebook page devoted to fans of the yarn. It is so soft and easy to work with! I love the DK weight as it lends itself to just about everything. If you double the strands you get close to a bulky weight for afghans and such, but the thinner yarn is perfect for crocheted garments. Another thing I like is that the color changes (at least so far) have not been as abrupt. I tried another cake yarn... started a top with it, then frogged it. I really abhorred the extremely abrupt color changes. Maybe in an afghan, or maybe if you cut the yarn, but I'm not a cutter. I like to let it flow on its own. So far I have a top for my granddaughter going, a granny square-type afghan, a wrap and a scarf going. Yeah, I do a lot of projects at one time so if I get sick of one I can pick up another. :) Keep it up, Lion Brand! You've become my favorite go-to brand.

      2/14/2018 By Julie

    • On my favorites list

      I discovered Shawl-in-a-Ball last year and I am so glad I did! I've made two lacy stoles, a crescent shawl, and at least three "Artfully Simple Infinity" scarves. I find I like the metallic versions more so than the non-metallic and think it is because the metallic has a bit more cotton and feels a bit softer. When I work with the yarn I get great compliments on the colors and the project. Keep it up Lion Brand! You have three of my favorite yarns. :)

      2/14/2018 By Julie

    • Shawl in a Ball -- Beautiful!

      This is the most beautiful yarn I have ever used. Lightweight (probably more like a 3 than a 4), and flowy for scarves, ponchos, etc. Making the suggested pattern, just a simple shawl rectangle, till I run out of yarn, in the Feng Shue Grey...going to wear it with my simple black dress or a black tank and black jeans. Gorgeous when made in treble stitch instead of double crochet. Just ordered a kit for the poncho in Opal colors. Can't wait to get started! Thanks, LionBrand for this great yarn.

      8/22/2017 By Jeanne

    • Shawl in a Ball

      Love the yarn, love the colors; however, Lion Brand has reduced yardage from 518 to 481, so truly no longer a "shawl in a ball" for some patterns.

      8/1/2017 By Peggy

    • Makes a beautiful woven poncho.

      I love this yarn, It's light enough for summer and the colorways are just gorgeous. I wove a Mobi-twist poncho based on the Two ball Poncho pattern and it was absolutely beautiful. I will be making more things with this yarn!

      5/30/2017 By Clara

    • great, but it's 3 light not 4 medium

      I wold give this five stars, if it were described accurately as weight 3. For that yarn, it is wonderful. I made all sorts of things with this--a very airy wrap for mother's day, a scarflette. But when I ordered it (one ball each of two different colors), I was expecting weight 4. I had all sorts of plans for that yarn. If you want a weight 4 for a shawl, just get to skeins of scarfie yarn (I made a wonderful Ravenclaw poncho with two skeins of that blue/ochre). If you want weight 3, then yes go for it--one long skein--no breaks, a single strand!

      4/30/2017 By DZ

    • Gorgeous Colors

      Just finished knitting Breath of Glitter shawl in soothing blue. Next I want to make the Feather and Fan shawl in prism. Can knit these for gifts in under $10!

      3/9/2017 By Ellen

    • A Beautiful Yarn for Beautiful Projects!

      I love this yarn! So easy to work with. Here is a link to my finished project. I used the Pattern Calliope anyday anyway shawl. and used the pattern called hook. For those who say it is hard to frog here is a tip. Never pull.... coax the yarn. Be gentle and it will frog just fine... the little hairy fibers like to make you think otherwise. Believe me I frogged a few of the early rows several times over till I figured it out.

      1/30/2017 By Melanie

    • Shawl in a Ball

      I'm making the Sedona shawl with the metallic opal Shawl in a Ball. I'm finding it easy to knit and love the variations of colors. Sometimes the metallic threads do separate and get missed in my stitch, but, since the knit is very loose, I don't worry about it if I only notice it several rows back. I'm finding that there is enough yarn to make a larger shawl than called for in the pattern. Perhaps my stitches are too loose? If I have leftover yarn, I'll definitely find a use for it! Love it so far!

      1/29/2017 By Stephanie

    • Shawl in a Ball

      LOVE this yarn! So soft and light. Feels like it has cashmere or angora mixed in, but really love how it's just cotton and acrylic -- easy to care for and avoids any animal fiber allergic reactions. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not discontinue this yarn anytime soon -- let it become one of your standard offerings!!! Perhaps even a bulky version would be lovely. Thank you!

      1/21/2017 By Holli

    • Shawl in a Ball

      LOVE ! LOVE ! LOVE ! This yarn ....... I've made several of the shawls in different colors and just finished the afghan am so excited on how BEAUTIFUL it looks and that it is so light weight my son will be using it all year through . Thank you so very much for all your wonderful yarns and also for the gorgeous patterns you offer to go with them. I am definitely "HOOKED" on Lion Brand Yarn !

      12/30/2016 By Lynn

    • Cowl

      This yarn make two cowls and looks great. I used a size 8 needle and knitted it with another thin lace color. 150 stitches on a circular needle. The ends want to roll up so I crocheted both edges.

      12/19/2016 By Sheri

    • Shawl in a ball

      Love the colors. It is so soft but so hard to unravel.

      12/11/2016 By Danielle

    • Lovely yarn

      This yarn has soft feel and is lightweight. One ball made a large scarf. For a shawl buy 2. I'll definitely use this yarn again.

      7/14/2016 By Cindi

    • Shawl in a ball

      Beautiful soft easy to knit yarn. I am on my 3rd shawl and or scarf. Love Shawl in a Ball

      7/12/2016 By Ruth

    • Shawl in a Ball

      I love how the colors change, I have made two so far and ready to start my third.. Patterns are easy and look a bit complicated but are not.

      6/17/2016 By Barbara

    • Shawl in a ball

      The colors are beautiful, and it makes a very pretty shawl. The only thing is that it is so hard to unravel. It knots up and then I have to cut it.

      6/14/2016 By Emilee

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